Graphic Design

The public image of your business is a valuable asset

From branding to brochures, advertising to package design – we can help you improve your marketing potential. Design is on the frontline of your marketing, it should reflect your company’s personality. It should inspire your target audience to want what you have to offer, it should be as unique as you are and stand out from the crowd.

Consider your professional image

The flood of Design and DTP software on the market means that just about anyone who can change the colour of a font can call themselves a designer. Don’t be fooled into going with the cheapest quote, or let your mate who’s got Photoshop control the visual face of your business. There are a number of factors involved in creating any graphical work, many of which are utilised before pen hits paper. An experienced designer will call upon things such as market research, current trends and available technology. They will endeavour to keep the professional image you rely on to maintain your current clients and make new ones. The image of your company is worth more than money. It is a marketable and valuable asset.

Our design services include:

Creative direction

Package design

Branding & logo design

Print design

Brochures, stationary, advertising


Signs & display design

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